Custom Workshops

The COA now offers custom workshops focused entirely on your own association’s unique needs. Because these custom workshops often require more time and resources than our general workshops, we will be requesting a donation for these appointments.

Custom Board Training $100

Sue Clark, COA President, will be conducting custom board training workshops covering the following:
 The purpose of the association board, roles of each board member
 Preparing for the board meeting/agendas/minute taking
 The importance of understanding quorums and the voting process
 Dealing with dysfunctional boards and difficult owners at board meetings
 Review of the condo code of conduct
 Sue will put your board through a mock board meeting and critique at the end 

Preparing for Your Annual Meeting $100

Not sure where to start even after attending the general workshop on annual meetings and reading the guidelines manual? Particularly for new boards, this can be daunting. The COA will help you through the entire process from setting the date, reserving the room, recommending an agenda, understanding voting quorums and majorities, and even helping to assemble the voting packets. A COA Board member will also attend your annual meeting and serve as a resource at that meeting. – President Sue Clark

Custom ByLaws/Rules & Regulations Template $100

Need to update your bylaws, rules and regulations? Don’t reinvent the wheel! The COA, using your CC&R’s as the baseline, will use the comprehensive template we have developed that includes all state condo laws and federal laws that apply to Arizona condo living. This template includes a table of contents, condo definitions, bylaws, rules, regulations and sample forms. Associations that have taken advantage of this service have found it much easier and quicker to update their documents in one entire new packet for owners. At the end of the custom workshop, you will receive the entire template. – Director Penny Walker

Three of us, never on a Condo Board. Facing a CC&R that’s a mess, Bylaws, and Rules & Regulations 20 years out of date. We tried our best, but got nowhere. Then we heard about SCCOA’s new program– a methodology developed by Penny Walker to fix it all. It’s brilliant. In a little over one month, we went from start to finish. We now have a fully updated and recorded CC&R’s plus newly consolidated Bylaws and Rules& Regulations documents. We sent it to our co-owners to vote and had a remarkably high response with 100% approval. We highly recommend SCCOA and this process.
Penny Altenburg, Treasurer, & Will Repensek, President, Thuncaster Association

Custom Landscaping/Xeriscaping Workshop $100

If you are looking for a way to kick off a landscaping or xeriscaping project or simply wanting owners to understand just what xeriscaping is, Director Penny Walker will present the landscaping/xeriscaping workshop to your board and/or owners. She can answer questions that are unique to your landscaping situation, financial situation, and owners’ willingness for change. – Director Penny Walker

Custom Budget Workshop $200

Director Penny Walker will work with your treasurer and/or any board member to complete your annual budget. Penny will review your financials and together with you will complete a budget worksheet that will include monthly expenses, a reserve analysis, assessment recommendation and final communication packet to share with owners.

Understanding Your Monthly Financials
This opportunity will be focused on understanding the various components of your monthly financial packet–how they impact your association and tie into your annual budget. This includes the balance sheet, income and expense state, reserves, homeowners’ activity report, and the general ledger. Director Penny Walker will walk you through your monthly financials packet, discussing your association-specific questions.