COA Membership – General Information

Is Your Association a Member?  Most condo associations in Sun City are managed by their own members, with accounting and landscaping help from local contractors.

An annual membership fee is paid by member associations and is used to provide your Boards and owners with the following services:

  • Providing unlimited Listening Posts during office hours with one or more Directors present to listen to concerns and offer solutions to your issues.
  • Presenting 20 plus workshops each year on topics of concern to Boards of Management and individual unit owners such as budgets, insurance, etc.
  • Publishing a newsletter monthly that contains information of specific interest to condominiums.
  • Distributing informational updates on legislation and utilities changes impacting associations in Sun City.
  • Providing an updated board Guidelines Manual available to assist Boards of Management. Call our office to inquire about current price.
  • A list of vendors who provide a variety of services for associations.
  • Providing commonly used forms and contracts.
  • Free Notary service and assistance for lien preparation and filing. Please call to make an appointment with our Notary.
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Arizona Legislature updates when in session through our website and email.
  • Use of wi-fi enabled meeting room with restroom for a $20 donation.
  • COA Director attending your annual meeting, if held in our meeting room for a $50 donation.

Call our office at 623-974-9035 to inquire about your condo association becoming a member today!