What can the COA do for your Board of Management?

Do you know about the services the COA can provide to your Association Board of Management and members?

  1. The COA provides members with workshops throughout the year that supply information on a variety of topics including working with subcontractors, writing contracts, Board of Management Education, and our Annual Meeting with an attorney who provides updates to the AZ Condominium and Nonprofit Corporation Statues and answers questions dealing with other legal issues.
  2. The office is open four mornings a week Monday-Thursday from 9 AM – 1 PM, September through April for Listening Posts with our experienced Board of Directors to help Boards and unit owners resolve situations causing disruption in their associations. Our summer hours are 9 AM – Noon, May through August, Mon, Wed, and .Thursday.
  3. The COA provides a 45 person seating capacity conference/meeting room for your use. This room is equipped with wi-fi and a 32 inch television to enable your online meetings. In addition, we have a website ( that provides a wealth of information and links to referrals and Arizona Legislature updates, plus newsletters monthly.
  4. We will notarize any legal document at no cost to association members and assist you if it needs to be recorded. The recording fee is $30.00 payable to Maricopa County. Please call the office for an appointment.
  5. We will review your documents and assist you in amending them, saving you the expense of an attorney.
  6. The COA will provide you with web site addresses with information from various federal, state, and local agencies dealing with deeds, amendments to CC&R’s, liens, etc.
  7. We can provide you with information and samples for revising your CC&R’s dealing with the following areas as allowed by the Arizona Condominium and other government Statutes, Laws, and agencies.
    A. Residential use of units and common areas.
    B. Pet restrictions.
    C. Deed Restrictions dealing with setbacks, additions, or exterior changes.
  8. All statutes pertaining to:
    Signs, antennas, satellite, dishes, solar panels, flags, and flag poles.
  9. The COA will explain leases, rentals, and provisions that govern hardship leases.
  10. We will provide and explain all statutes, laws and documents pertaining to:
    A. Indemnification and insurance responsibility of owners and association limitations of director liability.
    B. Who is responsible for damage or destruction of common elements or dwellings?
    C. Nonpayment of assessments.
    D. Notice of violation by the Board of Management to record a lien against a unit owner’s property.
    E. Enforcement by the Board of Management for violations.
    F. Suspension of voting rights for association business matters.
  11. A service to assist Associations on a personal basis by a dedicated COA Board Member. Call for Info.
    The COA has many services that will help you save time and money without seeking legal advice or paying someone for services that we can offer to you at no cost. Our Board of Directors possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with association issues and are happy to share this knowledge with you. If they cannot answer or resolve your issues they have the professional resources to call upon for answers.