Sun City Condominium Owners Association Membership Invoice Instructions

At Sun City COA we are making it easier for you to receive your invoice. Instructions are simple: download the invoice and fill in all of the form fields.

The cost to join for 2019 is $6.00 per condo unit in your Association. Enter how many units in the appropriate line. Take the number of units you have and multiply by $6.00. Your cost will then be entered on the invoice under total and total due. Example; If you have 12 units X $6.00 your amount due will be $72.00. 

There is a maximum amount for condo associations. Any association which has 27 or more units will pay a maximum amount of $160.00. Example; if you have 42 units your amount due will be $160.00.  

Once you have filled out and printed your form, take your form with a pay voucher to your accounting firm for payment.

Sun City COA thanks you for your support so that we can remain the focal point for the needs of your association. 

Note: all fields are required to be filled in. 

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